What's Included
Fairy Dust
Starry Night
Really Really Lowkey
Cloud 9
Morning Dew
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The Bundle for Your Beauty Needs
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@er.cakim's bundle for those like her with monolids—the lash styles range from subtle to glam and are perfect options for who want to wear lashes without weighing down their eyes curated by Erica herself!
WHAT YOU'll get

• 1x NEW Fairy Dust ($12.50)
• 1x NEW Starry Night ($12.50)
• 1x Really Really Lowkey ($12.50)
• 1x Cloud 9 ($12.50)
• 1x Morning Dew ($12.50)
• 1x Doe Mask ($9.95)
Included Lashes
1x Fairy Dust
1x Starry Night
1x Really Really Lowkey
1x Cloud 9
1x Crazy In Love


Included Accessories
1x Reusable Cotton Rounds
1x Doe Lash Applicator

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Korean Silk Fiber
Cloud Like Weight
Cruelty Free
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Doe Lashes x Erica
"What made you choose this bundle?"
Growing up with monolids, it’s been really hard for me to figure out how to do my makeup— ESPECIALLY my eye makeup. I’d messed around with lashes here and there but it never really made a difference until one day I cracked the code and figured out what kinds of lashes enhanced my eye shape instead. This changed the game completely! This specific bundle takes the work out of trying a million different types of lashes and just give you the best lashes to enhance monolidded eyes from the get go!