What's Included
Really Really Lowkey
Morning Dew
Cloud Baby LED Light
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The Bundle for Your Beauty Needs
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Helen's bundle is a combination of her favorite lashes along with a Doe’s LED Baby Light! This bundle is perfect for gifting (or even just to keep) and is curated from @helenpenggg herself!
WHAT YOU'll get

• 1x NEW Moonlight ($12.50)
• 1x Really Really Lowkey ($12.50)
• 1x Morning Dew ($12.50)
• 1x Cloud Baby LED Light ($40)
Included Lashes
1x Fairy Dust
1x Starry Night
1x Really Really Lowkey
1x Cloud 9
1x Crazy In Love


Included Accessories
1x Reusable Cotton Rounds
1x Doe Lash Applicator

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Korean Silk Fiber
Cloud Like Weight
Cruelty Free
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Doe Lashes x Helen
"What made you choose this bundle?"
I personally love how Doe Lashes are super easy to put on and great for asian eye shapes. They feel weightless and super comfortable, not to mention they also have the cutest packaging!

Really really lowkey is my go-to everyday lashes. They look super natural and they are great for a more simple makeup look!

I also thought that the Doe Baby Cloud light is super cute. I’ve always wanted a LED Wall light for my room and I think I just found the perfect one!