What's Included
Starry Night
Really Really Lowkey
Crazy In Love
Morning Dew
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The Bundle for Your Beauty Needs
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Nana’s bundle is a combination of her favorite lash along with a Doe’s LED Baby Light! This bundle is perfect for gifting (or even just to keep) and is curated from @nanababbbyy herself!
WHAT YOU'll get

• 1x NEW Starry Night ($12.50)
• 1x Really Really Lowkey ($12.50)
• 1x Uwu Lash ($12.50)
• 1x Morning Dew ($12.50)
• 1x Crazy In Love ($12.50)
• 1x Cloud Baby LED Light ($40)
Included Lashes
1x Fairy Dust
1x Starry Night
1x Really Really Lowkey
1x Cloud 9
1x Crazy In Love


Included Accessories
1x Reusable Cotton Rounds
1x Doe Lash Applicator

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Korean Silk Fiber
Cloud Like Weight
Cruelty Free
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Doe Lashes x Nana
"What made you choose this bundle?"
The reason why I like my bundle is because I’m going towards the not so dramatic look, but more natural looking lashes. I like all five of them, they all have different lengths; sometimes I like going for the longer lashes and sometimes I want the shorter lashes. More on, the lashes are extremely soft and light-weighted, I feel like I’m not wearing anything at all! Most importantly in the bundle I chose, I have variety of lashes; they all are different and it depends on my mood when I pick for the certain style I’m looking for. Having variety of lashes allows me change up my styles on different days depending on my mood and that’s what I like! ☺️💗